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Apply here for NEW, RENEWAL or REPLACEMENT passes: If you are a resident of the above Local Authority and are eligible, based on age or disability, then this online facility will enable you to apply for a free bus pass under the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme. If you are already a pass holder and that pass has expired, or will soon expire, then applying for a Renewal pass is also possible here, as is applying for a Replacement of your existing pass if it has been lost or damaged. Click Apply Online for further guidance and to follow the simple step-by-step process.

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ONLY NEEDED IF/WHEN ASKED TO DO SO VIA AN EMAIL: Normally bus pass applications will be handled entirely via the above Apply Online facility and there will be no necessity to ever Log In to the system. However if a problem is detected when your application is being checked you will then receive an email detailing that problem (eg. unsuitable photo or invalid documentation submitted) and will be asked to Log In and upload an alternative photo or evidence of eligibility in order for your application to progress. In the case of Replacement applications, required because of loss or damage to your existing card, then after your application is checked you will always receive an email requesting you to Log In to pay the replacement fee.

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